Hello. Our Organization has been present for over 15 years. We make the best for all our peoples

Shaheed Abdullah Murad Baloch was born as the first son of Haji Murad Ali in 1959 of a highly respected Baloch family whose ancestors settled Siddique Village in Malir in the 19th Century; his family recall how their elders joined others to welcome the influx of migrants when Pakistan was created in 1947. Rapidly their tranquil village on the remote out skirts of Karachi was engulfed by new housing societies. Evacue property claims reduced their farmland to a few acres on which his father grew vegetables and fruits to provide for his family’s needs.
He grew up in the locality of his birth (now Al-Falah Society) and graduated from Jamia Millia College in 1979. He served at a local branch for some time before taking the risk of resigning from his job to sell-off some of his family land and start a construction firm (Now SALMAN GROUP). He quickly showed a flair for business and shared his success generously with his family and with the needy.
He was exactly the kind of individual direly needed in our business, social & political process. As an educated, self-made entrepreneur he was willing to risk the comforts gained through sheer hard work for the toughest form of public service, which is politics. His family, his friends, his constituency and his party have lost a fine human being. The country has lost a political leader who had the potential to make an even more valuable contribution to our future that what he had already made.
After march 06, 2004, his son Kamran Abdullah Murad founded the organization namely “ Shaheed Abdullah Murad Foundation” to serve the less-privileged citizens of Pakistan through education centres, medical services, Zakat & Aid , Clothing and Food , Sports Programs, Youth and Student Development Programs , Women Empowerment and team building programs. His vision is to promote love, peace, harmony, brotherhood and intra-engagements through community development programs. SAMF establishes emergency camps for food, medical, drought, flood, catastrophe and natural disasters. As established for Muzzafarrabad & Awaran Baluchistan.

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To improve the health and wellbeing of local residents by: Encouraging people to actively participate in their own health care. Working together with other primary health care providers such as general practitioners (GPs) to provide coordinated care. Increase public awareness and understanding of the determinants of health, disease, and disability and the opportunities for progress. Provide measurable objectives and goals that are applicable at the national, State, and local levels.



The aim/purpose of education is to grow children into productive citizens that use their knowledge, talents, and learned skills to sustain themselves and help others while pushing the human race forward in areas of equality, equity, and harmony. Helping each child and young person attain educational achievement to the best of their potential. Promoting the development of resilience, determination, confidence, and creative and critical thinking. Good social skills and the ability to form good relationships.



To develop and share among members and others education, information, and leadership skills. Encourage members to promote the active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their interests and abilities. Includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.



• Heighten cross-cultural learning and global understanding. This first objective forms an important part of every single project that volunteers contribute to. ...
• Increase access to education. ...
• Promote health and wellbeing. ...
• Support community development. ...
• Conserve the environment and protect animals.